Tuesday, May 21, 2013

In My Prayers and Thoughts…

Pray For Oklahoma 2013
     As everyone else I am saddened and heartbroken at the tragedy has occurred in Oklahoma.  It seems that words are always so hollow in moments like these.  What do you say to people that have lost everything, dealing with uncertainty?  People who are starting over from scratch with nothing.  How do you give someone with so many struggles hope.  As I have mentioned before I went to College in Texas, and there were lots and lots of students there from Oklahoma.  I have thought about so many of them the past few days, and I am hoping and praying that the can triumph through this tragedy.
     Please keep the people of Oklahoma in your thoughts and prayers.  If able please find ways to help, there is the Red Cross and other relief organizations that are all trying to assist the people of Oklahoma.  Whenever these things happen they remind me of how fragile things are and how blessed I am.  It reminds me to make sure I let the ones I love know how much I care and and appreciate them.   It reminds me to live every moment and enjoy what life has to offer.  Hold your love ones close and keep Oklahoma in your hearts.

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