Monday, May 27, 2013

Happy Memorial Day and a few thoughts…

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     Happy Memorial Day.  Days like these are always so difficult for me, I feel a cross between reverence and gratitude and feelings of guilt, and being undeserving.  Words always seem hollow when it comes to things like this.  How can a person truly ever express the gratitude for the heroes who made the supreme sacrifice for our freedom.  How can you truly express to a military widow, or fatherless child, that you appreciate the sacrifices they have made?  I don’t know if there will ever be an adequate answer for that.
     Growing up I used to hear stories of World War II or Vietnam or the Korean War.  Family told me all about how the world was at those times, I listened and thought how lucky I was that war was simply a thing of the past.  In my childish mind I thought that it was all over, and war would always be ancient history.  I was in grade school when Operation Desert Storm occurred, and I was young, I didn’t know what to make of it.  Things got better as we all know and we went on with life.  Years later in college my thoughts on freedom and America, and love of country would change forever.
     Of course I am referring to September 11th, a day that we all remember.  I remember exactly where I was on campus that day, and I remember exactly who I was with as I watched live as the second tower fell that day.  I looked around and saw all of the cadets on campus and thought, how will this affect these young men and women?  I thought What is happening, am I safe?  I was still on campus as in the following weeks when cadets started being called up to military service, and how others I knew outside of school were being deployed. 
      Every day since September 11th I have prayed for our military, to keep them safe and for God to be watching over them. I pray for our country, that we may continue to live in freedom, and that we may be protected.  Since then I have lost several dear friends, their lives ended while serving our country.  I have watched friends of mine become widows when their husbands came home in caskets.  This is why I feel so lucky and blessed, yet so inadequate of expressing my gratitude.  How can I ever look into the face of those who lost a love one. and truly understand the sacrifices that have been made?
     I know that my words are hollow and meaningless in the scheme of things, but this I do know, heroes walk among us, and they are standing guard protecting our lives and our freedoms with their very lives.  I salute them, I can never repay what they have done for me, but I can make sure to thank them every chance I get, pray for them, and cherish the freedoms that they fight to protect.  I can try to support them in all I do and reverence the ideals and freedoms they fight to protect.
     So on this day when we remember those who have gone on before us, let us not forget our living warriors and heroes who are still fighting to protect us.

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