Thursday, May 2, 2013

Happy May! Around the World in Food Month!

World Map
     Happy May!  It is crazy to think that 2013 is almost half over, how does this happen?  This month’s theme for Love From Scratch is “All Around the World in Food.”  Mr. Love From Scratch and I love to travel and we have been blessed to be able to see some really amazing things.  I love being able to explore other places and learn about other cultures.  May has always been one of the months I think of travel the most.  Growing up it was right before school got out, so many may afternoons were daydreaming of summer fun and trips.  This month actually Mr. Love From Scratch and I are taking an amazing trip that I am am super excited for!  So you will probably notice my blogging absence later in the month, have no fear though, I will return!

     Part of the fun of travelling is seeing the native cuisine of other regions.  I love that even here in the United States there is regional cuisine, the seafood of the Pacific Northwest, or the Creole Cooking of Louisiana.  So many different regions, so many different recipes.   I have so many memories of road trips growing up and trying all sorts of food.  My parents raised us to be on the adventurous side when it came to food, for which I am very grateful.  It is always such a treat to discover new foods and recipes and learn things that you can implement into your own cooking at home.
     So each recipe this month will focus on the food of a place where I have either lived or visited.  I would love to hear some of the favorite dishes that you have discovered in your own travels.  Maybe together we will learn something new!

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