Saturday, May 25, 2013

Fashion and Personal Style, What’s it all about?

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     I have always had a love of fashion and glamour and all things pretty, even though most of the time I definitely don’t feel glamorous.  It is interesting when I travel to see the clothing and styles of the different places.  Many times I spot a style or a trend in my travels that I decide to implement when I get home.  So many people talk about “signature styles”  I don’t know that I have one of those.  I tend to be pretty classic and understated in my appearance, but I do have amazing shoes if I do say so myself.  A girl after all can never have too many shoes.    I tend to be a pretty low key, low maintenance person, but I do like nice things and I always love a good deal.  Most of my friends always comment on my ability to spot a good deal a mile a way, and my ability to spot quality in items as well.  I have had lots of different jobs through the years, and lots of my jobs required me to know the latest and greatest fashions and brands in clothing, cosmetics, etc.  In some ways this was hard, it caused me to develop a strong taste for very fancy things.  On the other hand it allowed me to learn all about quality and production and really getting your money’s worth from a purchase.
       So many of us are trying to be smarter shoppers, and get the most for our money.  I love to save money, but I never will at the expense of quality, because that never ends up saving money in the long run.  I’ll be sharing more about my fashion and lifestyle and shopping finds, and letting you know how I maximize my style on a budget.  Plus I am hoping this will be a motivation to amp up my own style a notch or two.  While I do want to amp my style, it is important to always remember that the most important part of a person is what is on the inside.  No amount of great style or cosmetics or what have you will compensate for a ugly inside.
     There are several people in my life that I find to be absolutely beautiful, but those people I can attest to are beautiful on the inside and the outside.  I have always been in awe of people who seem to have all their “ducks in a row”.  People who are completely put together amaze me.  That is a talent, something that I am trying to develop.  I would love to be far more organized.
     I read some fashion blogs, you know the ones that post their outfits every day and the info on where they got every single item in their closet.  Now there is certainly nothing wrong with that, and it does serve a purpose for some people, but that is just not me.  I’ll always be the one to share my newest find or bargain, or give you a glimpse into my ever growing wish list, but not the day to day outfits.  Also, because I believe in being a smart shopper, I do like to feature things that I either really like or don’t like to share what knowledge and experiences I do have with others. 
     So in the future you can expect to be seeing more of the elements of my day to day style and day to day living as well, in addition to my cooking and recipes that are already included.  I would love to hear about your style secrets to, I always love to hear how others make the most of their shopping dollars.  Plus, I am all about creating a fabulous life, and enjoying every minute of it.


Tracy Wood said...

Hi Ruth! I have been off the 'blogger radar' for a while, but it feels great to be back! Great idea to share fashion tips... I follow a few blogs like the ones you mention.... but my personal tip? Purchase the best quality, wear classic colors, stick with a few basic pieces of great clothes.

Love from Scratch said...

Thanks for stopping my Tracy! It's always good to see you here. I definitely agree with your tips, the classics in best quality available will never steer you wrong.