Friday, May 24, 2013

A Glimpse into who I am…

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     Hi, I am Ruth.  I am the face behind Love From Scratch.  I have been writing anonymously for years, but I’ve stepped out of the shadows for my readers.  So here I am.  I’ve already told you quite a bit about myself through my blog.  I love cooking, I love travel, and I love pretty much all things girly.  After all a person can never have too much glitter and sparkles. 
     I am passionate about cooking from scratch and cooking with love for my family and friends.  I loved the childhood I had, and I have so many great memories in the kitchen with my family.  I hope to re-create those memories, and create new ones of my own with my own family.  I believe in quality delicious food, and families gathering together around the kitchen table.  If you were in my home, I’d tell you to pull up a kitchen stool and we’d talk while I cook something delicious in my kitchen.  Since this is my first post coming out of the shadows, I thought I’d tell you ten random facts about myself, hopefully we’ll all get to know each other more in the future, and I love having all of you stop by my blog!

1) I have a weird deal with pens, I won’t use any pen unless it has black ink.  No blue pens ever. (crazy I know)
2) I am love vintage anything really, but especially vintage linens and aprons.
3) I am one of the most accident-prone people you will ever meet.
4) My favorite color is pink, a person can never go wrong with pink.
5) I love clementine cuties, I can no longer buy the bags because I go through them way too quickly.  I have zero self control with those things!
6) I love fabric, I quilt and sew, so I love going to the fabric stores, but I believe that sometimes a fabric can speak to me.
7) I spoil my dog, she’s almost 4 (tomorrow).  She’s the best dog ever, and definitely a huge part of the Love From Scratch family.
8) I love college football.  I love especially watching a game in person, it’s a great experience, and I love the fall for many reasons, college football being one,
9) Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday by far.  I have so many memories of Thanksgiving with my family.
10) I won’t leave the house without wearing perfume.  I love perfume and I think it’s a necessity of life.
I lied, I ‘ll share 12 facts…
11) I love my family more than anything.  My brothers are the best, I have amazing sister in laws, and my nieces and nephews are the best ones ever!  My parents are amazing, and I love my husband, so I feel truly blessed to have the family that I do.
12) My religion is a huge part of who I am and I love reading and learning and going to church.  I feel very blessed to have it in my life.


Petit Design Co. said...

congrats! now your readers will connect with you even more. It's fun to see your smiling face when I visit :)

Love from Scratch said...

Thanks! I always love it when you stop by for a visit. :)