Wednesday, April 17, 2013

What I Have Been Reading Wednesday...The Making of a Chef.

     It is still National Library Week, and it is Wednesday, so I thought I 'd share one of my favorite library books for What I Have Been Reading Wednesday.  Now for full disclosure the first time I read this book I borrowed it from the library, since then I have purchased it and added it to my own personal library.  I love libraries because I really do learn so much from the books I read, and those experiences and teachings help to shape my outlook on the world.  Part of the fun of stories is to live vicariously through it's characters.  I love to read books about things I would love to do, or places I would love to see, and I always appreciate it when the writer is sharing their own life experiences.  This week's featured book is, The Making of a Chef, by Michael Ruhlman.  This book is pretty much a memoir, or an accounting of his days at The Culinary Institute of America.  Ruhlman wanted to write what the experience was like to become a chef, and the rigors and triumphs of culinary school.

     What I love about Ruhlman's book is that to write the book he actually enrolled in the school and went through the exact process and schooling required for a degree from the Culinary Institute of America.  Throughout the book he talks about the various instructors, the courses, the stressful demands of school.  As a reader you learn of the different courses, root for him to succeed, and imagine just what it would be like if you were there along side him.  It is an extremely well written, honest book that encourages the reader to ask for themselves is this what I want?  Additionally it makes the reader have a new respect for chefs and realize just what it entailed to truly earn that title.
     I definitely recommend this book if you are even remotely considering culinary school, or pursing a culinary career.  My parents always encouraged me to learn as much as I could about as many things possible, so when I decided what to do with my future I had researched it and was prepared (at least semi) for what was to follow.  It is a fascinating read, that I guarantee at the end you will be wanting to hear exactly what happened to each of the characters, and what they ended up achieving after their time at The Culinary Institute of America.  **Spoiler Alert**  There is already another a sequel to this book, you will hear more about it from me on another post, it is one I am reviewing too.  So go to your local library and see what wonderful books you can discover for yourself, maybe you'll find a book or two that you choose to add to your own personal library.  

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