Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Travelling Gluten Free and Seeing NYC!!!

     It seems like sometimes you need a few days just to recover from a vacation.  At least that is always the case from me.  I think a lot of that reason is because Mr. Love From Scratch always loves to pack so much activity into each day that by the time we are done with the trip we are exhausted!  Last week we went to New York City for a couple days.  I was nervous about this trip because I was not sure if I was going to be able to find places to eat now that I am gluten free, so I was hopeful that we would be able to find something.
     We had several places that we wanted to see while we were in town, so there was definitely a lot of ground to cover in a very short amount of time.  The main purpose for our trip was that Mr. Love From Scratch wanted to see the 2013 NFL Draft.  (Yes I married a football fanatic.)  I wanted to see so many different things, unfortunately we were not able to do quite everything, so our next trip there we will have to do those leftover items.  However we were able to do much more in those few days than even I had anticipated.

     Since I have gone gluten free and I am committed to trying to be as diligent about this as possible, I was worried about where I was going to eat.  So here is a rundown on how it went.  The flight from Salt Lake City to NYC was a long one, so I was prepared with gluten free snacks, (reviews coming on my snacks later) so the flight went well.  We flew a redeye flight however, which got us in NYC right at breakfast time.  Breakfast seems to be the hardest meal for me to figure out and make gluten free.  We went to the Ruby Tuesdays in Times Square, which happens to be the only Ruby Tuesdays that serves breakfast.  The were WONDERFUL with accommodating my needs.  They have a GF menu, but not for breakfast, but they did keep things separate for cross contamination, and they were more than happy to do substitutions and answer any of my questions.  So I was able to have a great breakfast, so thank you  Ruby Tuesdays!
     We went to a few restaurants and for the most part they were very nice and worked with me on making the meal gluten free.  I was particularly impressed with Ruby Tuesdays and how kind and knowledgeable they were there.  I will admit that usually I haven’t eaten too much at that restaurant, but I might need to eat there more.  They were kind, the food was good, and I got to have a gluten free meal without it being a major production.
     While in NYC we did get to see the NFL Draft, Spiderman on Broadway, a Met vs. Dodgers game (go Dodgers!), Times Square and more.  It was a busy trip, but we were able to see some wonderful things.  Next time I want to see more of the museums and to go see the Statue of Liberty, unfortunately we were unable to fit that in on this trip.
      I was pleased that my first “gluten free” trip went so well, it was a relief to me.   Now we have a long international gluten free trip coming up shortly, so hopefully that goes as smoothly!  What are your gluten free travel trips?   I am always looking for recommendations!


Petit Design Co. said...

Fu-un!! ...except for the football part :)

Love from Scratch said...

LOL, the draft was actually interesting to see, but not the highlight for me, Mr. Love From Scratch loved it though. Saw some amazing fabric and textile stores that you need to check out!