Sunday, April 21, 2013

The Gluten Free Learning Curve…

Going Gluten Free Collage
     I am beginning the gluten free lifestyle, and in so many ways I feel completely clueless on all of this.  I feel like there is so much I need to be learning, but I am committed to taking charge of my health.    Thursday after my endoscopy and colonoscopy I was told that I needed to go gluten free.  I have the weekend to enjoy my gluten filled favorites, but sadly Monday morning begins my new gluten free life.  As silly as it sounds I am not quite sure how to take care of myself, I am learning,  I have gone to the library and checked out several cookbooks, and am busily reading to learn what to do and what NOT to do. 
     I did get one new cookbook this week as a gift from Mr. Love From Scratch (thanks honey!), that I am really looking forward to using.  I have done some gluten free cooking, but most of it has been for other people.  I am learning about all the different flours, the different combinations needed to successfully bake gluten free.  I am very excited to try the recipes in this cookbook, I am sure a review will be coming in the future on this book.  Actually on Amazon I am finding lots of  gluten free cookbooks that will be on my wish list.  I know that with these adjustments to my cooking and baking there will be some changes to this blog.  Obviously there will be lots more gluten free recipes, and I am sure you will be reading of the flops and successes.   It is a learning curve, and I am hoping that soon I will have the hang of things.  I know there are others other there that are gluten free…what are your secrets & tricks to living gluten free?  I’m learning so be patient with me on the journey, but as for now I see a few gluten free recipes calling my name for me to try.

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