Sunday, April 21, 2013

Sunday Blessings…Thoughts and Attitudes

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     Lately I have been thinking a lot about attitudes, thoughts and focuses.  After all those three things really shape who we are.  One can focus on the negative weeds of like, or one can choose the positive flowers of life.  Sometimes its hard on a week such as this one, because there has been so much sadness in the world this week.  The Boston Marathon Bombing, the earthquake in China, the fertilizer explosion in Texas, just to name a few.  Sometimes in the midst of all of that it is hard to find a reason to rejoice.

     As you all know by now Grandma Love From Scratch is in a nursing home, I try to go and visit her every day.  I have learned a lot from some the residents in this nursing home, one in particular is my Grandma’s cute roommate.  She is 97 years old (impressive I know), and she has just the best outlook and attitude on life.  We’ve talked about some of the things that she has seen in her life, the Great Depression, two world wars, Korea, Vietnam, a presidential assassination, the civil rights movement, and so much more.  She has seen a lot of great times and a lot of bad times in her lifetime.  Every day when I see her she always has such a good attitude, and I finally asked her why.  She told me that every day she has two choices, she can be happy and see the good, or focus on the negative and be brought down into darkness.  That isn’t to say that she isn’t completely aware of the things that are not going well for her, or the tragedies in the world, instead she chooses to see the good that happens in each tragedy, and the good that exists in each day.

     I am trying to be more like her, and stop being so caught up in the tragedies or what isn’t going my way, and instead focus on the good.  As I have read and listened to the news this week I have been struck by each new channel’s coverage of this weeks events.  The facts are clear, this was a tragedy at the marathon and lives were lost and others completely altered.  Obviously that was shown on each channel, however not every channel showed the goodness of the people rushing to help the wounded, or trying to help console them.  Yes, horrible things happened, but a lot of people showed their greatness in a moment of despair, reaching out and showing the best part of ourselves, the part that stops to help and serve another.  It is important to acknowledge the tragedies, but lets also remember the good as well.

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