Monday, April 15, 2013

Happy National Library Week!

“To add a library to a house is to give that house a soul.”
Marcus Tullius Cicero
     Happy National Library Week!  I know I have mentioned many, MANY times my love for books, but to be honest, books are a huge part of who I am.  I love going to the library, it seems almost magical all of the books and teachings to be discovered therein.  I was a very lucky child, my parents took us frequently to the library, and we always had lots of books within our home.  Actually I guess more than the average family, because every time we would move the movers always commented how many more books we had than the average family.  My parents from a very early age instilled in us the importance of books and learning and reading.
     When I was younger I remember my Mother taking my brothers and I to the library.  We would listen to the story time, participate in the summer reading programs, it was so much fun.  I remember how hard it was for me to decide at times which books to checkout because I always wanted to checkout more than the limit.  I remember when I got my first library card, and how exciting that was!  It my childish eyes I saw it as a passport to a magical kingdom where my learning would grow.  I loved (and still do) walking down the aisles of books exploring new titles and discovering new authors to read.  For me as a child a library was a fun and magical place.

     As a college student a library took on a whole other meaning to me.  It was still a place of learning, but it was not quite so magical any more.  It became a place of fervor, diligence and sometimes fear as I tried to be ready for all of my exams.  The library was by far the building that I spent the most time at in college, It was quiet and peaceful, unless of course it was mid terms or finals, and then you could feel the overwhelming tenseness in the air. 

     As a grown adult (I guess that is what I am now), I love to go to the library still, I go there frequently.  When I had my very first apartment I had so many books, and not even close to enough bookshelves.  I had to save up to get my first several bookshelves, which I love, but two particular bookshelves I have are my favorites, one was made by my Dad, when I was a very young girl, and I have had it ever since.  Its been all over the country and shows a few signs of wear, but I still love it.  The second special bookshelf was my grandpa's and it beautiful, but what makes it so beautiful to me is that my Grandma saved up for a very long time to be able to give that to my Grandpa as a Christmas present.  I feel very fortunate to have that shelf now in my home.  I dream of some day having a whole portion of my home as a designated library, how amazing would that be?  For now there are books tucked away in every corner and crevasse in my home.

     Here in Salt Lake City we have a beautiful library, it large and spacious and really is one of the greatest buildings in our city.  If you ever visit SLC I highly recommend checking it out, it is beautiful, and quite an architectural feat.  I love to see that it is being actively used, it always seems so sad to me when I go into an empty library, I can't help but think of all of the stories and teachings people are missing out on.  As mentioned it is National Library Week, I encourage all of you to take advantage of your libraries, get a library card, explore your public library, and open a whole new world.

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