Sunday, April 21, 2013

Finding my Blogging “Voice”

     For the past several weeks I have been thinking a lot about why I have this blog, and what I hope to accomplish by having this blog.  I think at some point every blogger has some sort of dreams of grandeur.  I think we also have our phases where we obsessively track our viewers, followers etc., try to build traffic and readership.  I have definitely been in all of these stages at various times.  I’ll be honest, sometimes I’d love the idea of notoriety from the blog.  Sometimes I do think that a book deal would be amazing, who doesn’t?  Yet the real reason I have this blog is because quite simply I love to cook and I am passionate about people getting in the kitchen.  I do firmly believe that anyone can learn to cook healthy affordable meals for themselves and their families, and enjoy the process.  I am passionate about using fresh ingredients, and kicking the boxes and mixes and processed products to the curb!
     My amazing sister in law and darling nephew are in town this weekend visiting, and I am so excited to have them here.  My sister in law I know I have mentioned a few times, she is remarkably talented.  She actually has a couple blogs of her own with solid readership followings.  Last night at dinner, (Chinese food yummy!) we talked a bit about our blogs.  We have both gone through a lot of the same phases, wondering how to best present our respective blogs.  We both have came to the same conclusion, blogging should be fun, and we should be blogging about something that we are passionate about.

     I like to think that my blog posts are just like conversations that I would be having with you, and that you can hear my voice when I write.  My writing style tends to be very conversational in these posts, sometimes at the expense of grammar.  The truth is I talk in run-on sentences and with side notes all the time ( I also talk with my hands too).  Just part of who I am, so I know that it shows up in my posts all over the place, I too sometimes when reading my posts have the urge to kill a few of the run-on sentences and side notes, but then I have that nagging feeling, will that kill my voice?  Will be people still be able to hear who I am and my personality? 
     Then I remember why I blog, because I love to write and talk about food, cooking, and some of the simple joys in life.  I want people to have fun in the kitchen, and I am passionate about people having the tools to have family meals.  I hope that as you read my blogs you could imagine yourself sitting at the stools in my kitchen and us talking as I cook.  I grew up talking to my mother in the kitchen, I loved it.  A kitchen can be a place of joy, it doesn’t have to be a place of loathing or avoidance as it is for so many people.  Several of you have blogs of your own, why do you write?  How have you found your blogging “voice”?
     So what it all comes down to is, do whatever you do with passion and because you love it.  I love writing and I love cooking, and I feel blessed to be able to share that in a blog, my former college professors would cringe at the grammar and lack of formality and technical writing, (I always got As in English by the way).  I just hope in my blogs you can hear me, someone who likes to make friends in the kitchen.  So on that note, pull up a stool and take a seat, lots will be happening in my kitchen in the next couple months!

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