Tuesday, April 30, 2013

A New Favorite Gluten Free Snack & Review…Larabar Time!!!

Lara Bars
     I think I am in love with these little guys!  As you know I went on a trip this past week, and with it being my first gluten free trip I made sure to pack some yummy snacks.  Sometimes it is hard to find good gluten free snacks that travel well, but these fit the bill perfectly.  I was skeptical of them in the beginning, I am not a big protein bar, energy bar kind of gal.  Anything that tastes at all “chemically” does not usually settle well, and to me, most bars just seem off.  I never feel like I am doing my body any favors when I put food in my system that tastes of nothing but additives and chemicals.
     Larabars prides itself on creating “healthy energy bars from minimal ingredients”.  I looked at the ingredients on the various bars that I had, and yep, its definitely minimal.  The first flavor I tried was the chocolate chip cherry torte.  I thought it at least sounded good, so worth a shot right?  I read the label, and the ingredients were: dates, chocolate chips, almonds, unsweetened cherries, cashews and sea salt.  No chemicals, no additives, nothing fancy, nothing unrecognizable.  Actually the first thought I had when I read the ingredients was that if I liked the bars it probably would be easy to recreate at home for cheaper.

     I bit into the Larabar, and was very pleasantly surprised, it was actually delicious, not just one of those snacks to help you get by, or lose weight, it ACTUALLY tasted great!  For me it was the perfect snack, gluten free and the perfect pick me up as I was walking all through NYC!  I think for me finding these bars was particularly exciting because I am feeling deprived at times being gluten free.  I am still in the learning phase, of what I can and can not eat.  Things that I assumed I could eat, sadly I can not.  Case in point beef jerky, I love to eat beef jerky when I travel.  However lots of different brands do contain gluten in them. GRR!!!  On the airlines they give you pretzels or cookies, I can not have either one.  The food court in the airports was discouraging to say the least,
     Sometimes its nice to be able to open something up that you haven’t had to specially order and be able to enjoy it and still know its safe to eat.  Larabars did that for me, and they are definitely going to be in the Love From Scratch household.  Mr. Love From Scratch and I travel a lot, and we do have a long trip coming up and the Larabars will definitely be coming with me.  I do think I will try my hand at making my own versions at home too, so I can do a mixture of both, after all we all need to save money where we can these days! 
     I tried several flavors, so far my favorite has been the blueberry muffin!  It was sweet and tangy and delicious!  I was also pleased with how well they traveled in my bag, they did get squashed a bit in my bag, but were still great.  They didn’t melt at all or show any travel wear and tear.  I also loved that they were not a messy snack to eat, I hate it when I get crumbs on myself so for me this is important.  They were also surprisingly satisfying.  From the varieties I looked at it appears that they average bar is about 190 calories.  Not bad at all for an energy bar, plus the bar kept my hunger at bay for several hours, even with me walking all over the place. 
     Mr. Love From Scratch and my family can attest that sometimes when my blood sugar gets too low or I get hungry I can become a crankypants.  It happens to the best of us I suppose.  Anyway, these bars might have to become my anti-crankypants protection for when I travel or am on the go.  Try these yourself I am sure that you will enjoy them too!  Also what flavors are your favorites, I am new to these so give me recommendations!  Also I will be working on at home recipes as well for these little guys, so hopefully we will have recipes coming on these in the next few weeks!

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