Tuesday, April 23, 2013

A Few Thoughts After Gluten Free Day One…

Keep Calm Gluten Free
     Yesterday was the day I went Gluten Free.  As I have mentioned, I HAVE to go gluten free for medical reasons.  I can not decide if that makes it easier or harder.  On one hand knowing that gluten indeed is damaging my whole body and wrecking havoc on my health make me take being gluten free seriously.  On the other hand knowing that I have to be completely gluten free for the rest of my life is frustrating.  I know I should be very glad that the doctors have found what has been making me sick, but I can’t help but wish they had said it was something else.  Hopefully my feelings of deprivation go away soon, I am trying to focus on all the wonderful things that I can eat, but sometimes that is far easier said than done. 
     Yesterday I was the first person awake in the house, then awoke our houseguests, my sister in law and cute nephew.  My cute nephew is almost two, he has just barely learned the word cookie.  I made cookies for his visit, yesterday I will have to admit I was jealous as I saw his grinning face eating cookies while I couldn’t have one.  Oh well, at least he enjoyed the cookies.  It is interesting that I have talked to several different people about having to go gluten free and I think the reactions are all very interesting.  Several people seem to see gluten-free as a fad, or a phase that people are going through, and can’t seem to take it seriously that yes it IS a medical condition for some.  Some people say that they used to be gluten free for medical reasons, don’t need to be anymore.  What does gluten intolerance change?  I think it comes down to whether I choose to take charge of my health, and whether I choose to fuel my body with what it needs.

     Yesterday I did lots and lots of research on being gluten free, while I was snacking I wanted some chips and salsa (one of my favorite snacks).  Stupid chips have gluten in them, *sigh*, yet another thing to put on the grocery list.  As I read all of the different sites I did get a lot of good advice, but I feel a bit overwhelmed.  I am dreading my first visit to the grocery store and figuring out what to buy there, but I am sure it will get easier with time.  I am trying to learn, it will happen.  Eventually I will get the hang of all of this, and hopefully in time I will be feeling much, much better.

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Petit Design Co. said...

You have my full sympathy. Couldn't you wait til after your trip to start though? That is going to be all sorts of cruel and unusual punishment.