Wednesday, January 2, 2013

What I Have Been Reading Wednesday, Accepting the Challenge, Foodies Read 2013

Foodie's Read 2013     It is the first What I Have Been Reading Wednesday of the year, which gives me an opportunity to introduce one of the goals and resolutions I have for the year.  One of the blogs that I have followed for a while is it is a very interesting blog, the general premise of the blog is a group of foodies reading books somehow pertaining to food and sharing them with the group.  This is a group that is right up my alley, I love to read, and I especially love to read cookbooks, or food fiction. memoirs or anything food relates so I jumped at subscribing to this blog.  The Blog has introduced their reading challenge for 2013, aptly named Foodies Read 2013.  You set the goal for how many books you will read and review for the year, and there is a level associated with whatever number of books that you choose to read,  for example the levels are as follows:
Short-Order Cook: 1 to 3 books
Pastry Chef: 4 to 8 books
Sous-Chef: 9 to 13 books
Chef de Cuisine: 14 to 18
Cordon-Bleu Chef: More than 19

     So I will tell you right now I am committing to read & review more than 19 books, so I guess that puts me on the Cordon-Bleu Chef level.  I am excited to see what books everyone else chooses to read, and maybe I will get some great ideas of books to add to my food writing library.  I definitely encourage anyone who is interested to join the challenge along with me, after all the more the merrier.  Be sure to visit my blog often to see some of the more changes for 2013, and the books that I will be reading!


Vicki said...

Welcome, and thanks for joining the Foodies Read 2013 challenge!

Tracy Wood said...

More than 19 foodie books! Wow! Good for you! I received 2 beautiful vegan magazines for Christmas (called Chickpea)..... I wonder if magazines would count as books? ha ha !