Friday, January 11, 2013

Snowy Day Activities and Goals

     Since its a snow day I am trying to be as productive as possible indoors, so that means I have a chance to do a few projects here at home.  I absolutely love to sew and quilt in addition to my cooking, but whenever I can mix the two I am particularly excited.  So today's project will be making a few new aprons, I love to make my own aprons, they just have way more personality that way.   One of my favorite sewing blogs is Bee In My Bonnet I love the way she mixes and matches her fabrics and quilts, and I always get tons of good ideas from her blog.  Not too long ago I purchased her one-yard apron pattern and I love it, and I am excited to make more one yard aprons today!  Actually this is a great pattern to use to make gifts, most of my friends know that I love to make personalized aprons as gifts!  The hardest thing for me actually about sewing these aprons isn't the sewing part at all, its the actual picking the  fabrics and trimmings for the apron, I think that is why I always have to make a couple every time I make this pattern.  This is a great pattern also to adjust to children tweens and adults.

     The second snowy day activity is to work on organizing my recipes and magazine clippings.  I'll admit in my perfect world the recipes would be neatly written on personalized recipe cards, but I can never find the perfect recipe cards that are in my budget. I might have to start making them instead, but the sheer quantity I would need is slightly daunting, well more than just slightly daunting, its completely overwhelming.  Does anyone else have any hints or ideas on how to organize their recipes?  I feel like this is a hard undertaking for me because I am so particular on my recipes.  My second activity will be an ongoing project, I am hoping that inspiration strikes so that I can come up with a game plan on that task.  Someday I have dreams of a perfectly organized shelf of recipe binders and a perfectly organized kitchen, until then its my best attempts and boxes of clippings!

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