Thursday, January 3, 2013

"Foodie" Goals for 2013

     I have always been the type to make lots of goals and resolutions for myself, sometimes even to the extreme, leaving me to feel completely overwhelmed in January.  Goals and resolutions have always been a way of expressing the changes that I want to see with in myself, and the manner in which I plan to accomplish them.  This year I have physical goals, spiritual goals, family goals, financial/career goals, and so many more.  One particular category of goals and resolutions I created for this year is "Foodie Goals & Resolutions" tied in within those are some of the goals I would like to see happen for this blog during 2013.  I am excited at these goals, some of them are stretch goals, but I am hopeful that with commitment and hard work those goals will become reality.

Love From Scratch "Foodie Goals & Resolutions":

1) Eat in season.

2) Bake more often & find people to share the new recipes with.

3) Complete my reading challenge for Foodies Read 2013.

4) Avoid processed foods as much as possible.

5) Keep kitchen clean and organized.

6) Make sure to document recipes onto recipe cards (I have way too many clippings & recipes only in my head.)

7) Each day find a moment to relax and savor the tastes of the day.

8) Try more recipes in all of those food magazines I get.

9) Eat healthier and look for more ways to make healthy substitutions.

10) Use my formal china more often, make meals more of an occasion for our family,

11) Average 5 posts a week for the blog.

12) Double the Love From Scratch audience during 2013.

13) Have a monthly challenge for Love From Scratch during 2013.

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