Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Through rose-colored glasses, Gratitude Challenge, part 13 of a 22 part series

      We are moving right along with the Gratitude Challenge, today's task was to pick three people in my life and focus on seeing the good in them and their genuineness and desires to do good.  Focus on seeing them through rose-colored glasses, see the good about them and forget the bad.  I picked three very specific people to focus on, and I learned a lot from the experience, whether it be one person who never name calls or criticizes another, or another that makes whomever she is speaking to feel as though they are the most important person in the world to them at that time.  Or a man that selflessly gives to others and looks for ways to build and serve others.  The last person is the person I want to focus on, a person who selflessly gives, never shirks away from that which is hard and makes sure that they are serving and strengthening others. 

     This particular person doesn't like attention and doesn't do these things for recognition.  He does it because he sees a need and wants to use his talents to help others.  Sometimes it may be guiding a bunch of boy scouts on a scouting trip, or helping an elderly widow, or offering relief after Hurricane Katrina and helping to rebuild.  This man has done all of that and more, and you would never know that talking to him.  He is one of the most unassuming people you will ever meet.  People like him are what I like to call Quiet Giants, because he is a giant among men and does so much for others with no though of payment.  I have much to learn from all three of these people and they have several traits I hope to be able to emulate.

     This week in the Gratitude Challenge we are focusing on seeing the good in others, and being thankful for the good in others.  So many times we hear of the bad, or the crime and scandals of men and we forget about so much of the goodness of humankind.  I need to be more grateful for that, and more aware of that, because everyday I run across amazing people, I need to let them know I appreciate them and that their actions make a difference.  So my challenge today is to let those quiet giants know that you appreciate them! 

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