Saturday, November 17, 2012

The End of an Era....

     I already know that everyone has heard the big news, Hostess Brands Inc. is going out of business, and with that we say farewell to Sno-Balls, Ding-Dongs, Zingers, Wonder Bread, Ho-Hos, Donettes, Hostess Fruit & Pudding Pies & Twinkies, and more.  I know that so many of us have childhood memories associated with these treats.  It is a little crazy to think that a business that has been around since 1930 is closing its doors, it really has been an American institution.  While the grocery stores are now being raided by people eager to stockpile their favorite goodies, I thought I would share a perspective on this development.  I know some people are saying this is a positive development and that it is due to he public desire to abstain from processed or junk food.  While I am all about people eating healthy and I try to myself, I can tell you that this has nothing to do with people's desire to eat healthy.  It it did I can think of several much larger organizations that would be closing down long before Hostess.  It is sad to think of all of the families who find themselves losing a job right before the Holidays, they are definitely in my prayers.  It is sad to think of the factories, stores and jobs that are being so cruelly affected.

     For the most part the emotion I have been noticing with the change is nostalgia.  Almost all of us have some sort of memory with one of these treats, and it does seem a little crazy that this chapter is closing for all of us.  When I was a little girl on Saturday nights lots of times I would go grocery shopping with my Dad.  Dad lot of times would get the most random of things on those trips, after a long week at work I think this relaxed him.  Most times he would let us get a Hostess Fruit Pie for our treat, I remember that it was usually between 15 to 20 cents at that time.  It was always a fun outing.  Now as an adult anytime I see these pies I remember those trips. Today I saw a picture of my cute toddler nephew eating his first and quite possibly his last Twinkie.  For years there have been jokes that Twinkies would be able to survive nuclear attacks, or the zombie apocalypse, I guess it can survive both of those, but not the union strikes,  It goes to show we all have our Achilles heel.  What memories do you have with this brand, what feelings do you have about this change?  I guess America is the land of constant change and that we need to roll with the punches.  I guess however this means no more deep fried twinkies at the state fair anymore...sigh. 

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