Saturday, November 3, 2012

National Sandwich Day & a bit of History...

     Happy National Sandwich Day!  Yes another random food holiday, but this one has always been one of my favorites because of the story behind the sandwich.  The story goes that John Montague, otherwise known as the Earl of Sandwich had a penchant for card games and gambling.  This penchant was so so strong that he is said to have invented the sandwich as a quick meal that he could eat that would not disrupt the game that he was playing.  I have always loved this story because I can see the human element in that.  As the sister to brothers I could so see them coming up with an idea like that, so many times they would have an ongoing game of RISK, or something of a similar nature that they didn't want disturbed.  From the Earl of Sandwich the staple for school lunches was born.  So children everywhere can thank (or blame) the Earl of Sandwich.

     It seems like now that anything can be turned into a sandwich, you can create something casual, fancy, modern, traditional, whatever your heart desires.  For me I am not a huge sandwich fan actually, but when I do find a great sandwich I do love it.  So I guess when it comes to sandwiches I am selective.  My top three favorite sandwiches hands down are 1) Grilled Cheese, 2) Turkey & Cranberry Sandwich, 3) Peanut Butter & Jelly, sure there have been other varieties that I love as well, but those are definitely the golden top three.  I do love that fact that sandwiches are such a great way to use up leftovers and they really are the ultimate portable meal.  When I was in college I would make some sort of sandwich every day and throw it in my backpack as I went throughout the day.  Lots of memories in a sandwich, what are your favorite types of sandwiches?

Love From Scratch Turkey & Cranberry Sandwich


2 slices bread ( I like to use sourdough)
1 tablespoon butter (room temperature)
1 serving sliced turkey
2-3 tablespoons cranberry sauce
4-5 ounces brie sliced
1/2 teaspoon horseradish
1. Assemble the sandwich, butter outsides of the bread and grill until golden brown on both sides and the brie is melted.

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