Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Expressions of Gratitude, The Gratitude Challenge...part 6 of 22 part series

     It has been a crazy day for everyone I know today, and I wonder how many people will even read this with the election results on every one's TV and laptop right now.  Today is day six of The Gratitude Challenge, and today's task was to call someone that I hadn't talked to in awhile and express my gratitude for them.  This was a particularly enjoyable task for me.  I had the opportunity to call someone who I haven't had a chance to talk to for a little while, it was great to catch up and talk about our lives etc, but the highlight was that we picked up talking right where we had left off.  It goes to show that there are some people in life that you will always be bonded to.  I told her how much I valued her friendship and the impact she had in my life, and it was great to vocalize that, sometimes we assume the ones we live "just know" how we feel.   Never forget to vocally express gratitude and appreciation.  So my challenge to you is to find someone and express gratitude and make sure they really know how you feel.

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