Sunday, October 28, 2012

Sunday Blessings...Enjoying the Journey

     I love this quote, it is one of my favorites, it was given by a leader in my Church, but I think it is applicable to people in all walks of life.  I have thought a lot about life this week, I think more so than usual due to the passing of a dear friend.  That friend was always living and always engaged in life to the very end, and really did live this quote.  This is something that I am going to try to do better at, so many times I think I get so wrapped up in the small things that don't really matter that I forget the big picture and forget to be enjoying every moment of the mortal journey.  I love watching kids and seeing how their eyes light up at the simplest things and their innocence and delight in everything, The eyes of a child truly are magical.
     Last night our congregation at Church had a Halloween Dinner and Carnival for the families.  It was so cute the scores of princesses, ninjas, superheroes etc.  (In case you are wondering I dressed up as Julia Child)  These kids were so excited to be there and they were enjoying every minute of the fun.  I watched the sugar cookie station for awhile, it was getting messy very quickly as you can imagine.  The adults were worried about the frosting getting everywhere, and it staining the costumes just days before Halloween, and so many other things, yet the kids they didn't care if frosting spilled on them or got ground into their costumes with no hope of coming out.  All they wanted was to make the cookie and enjoy the experience.  They reminded me how important it is to enjoy the process, not just fuss about the end result.  Kids are amazing, they teach me so much all the time, oh that I had their energy and joy all of the time.

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