Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Loving the Farmers Markets on Vacation!

The most AMAZING leeks ever!
     I went to the most amazing farmers markets in Canada, it made me feel like a kid in a candy store as I saw all of the goodness that the local farmers were growing.  I took this picture in particular, because I have never seen leeks that looked that amazing.  Usually when I buy leeks in the local grocery store there is a limpness to the leeks and the size is no where near the size of these beauties.  As we walked through the market there were spices, seafood, vegetables, flowers, fruits, bread, oils everything you could possible want food wise.  Actually at one particular farmers markets they had a place where you could have foie gras tasting, where I got to sample their foie gras, the pates, and mouselines, and terrines.  Mr Love From Scratch didn't quite get as excited as I did, but I do take food a lot more seriously than most.  The smells and sights really were something to take in, and the prices were amazing too, it made me wish that there wasn't that pesky rule about taking produce across the border (silly customs), so sadly it was a look don't touch shopping trip for the more part.  I was however to get a couple jars from my new friend at the foie gras booth.  I am going to have to ration out those delicacies for special occasions, or maybe for my self-indulgent me time, who knows? 

     What I did learn from several of these farmers is pride in their goods, and the desire to provide everyone with truly amazing food.   It was great to speak with the purveyors, they were all so eager to share their expertise on the goods, and how to best use them.  They didn't just sell the goods they sold the knowledge of how to prepare it, what to pair it with, how it was grown, and usually also shared a joke or two. I'll admit I never go to my local grocery store and get any advice on how to cook or prepare anything, I'm lucky if I can just get a sales associate to just tell me where I can find the grated Parmesan cheese (don't ask, in my local store for some odd reason its near impossible to find).  Why though don't we have that atmosphere here in the states?  I love to talk about food, I would love it if the butcher ever told me how to prepare something, or if the produce manager ever told me about the newest produce specials.  So next time I go to Canada I'll make sure to spend some more time over there so I can enjoy more of their delicious bounty!

I want one of EVERYTHING!

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