Saturday, October 20, 2012

I'm Back! Vacation is over and real life hits again!

Green Gables
     I know it is completely cliche, but sometimes you really do need a vacation to recover from a vacation.  I am finally back from vacation and back into the blogging world.  First off our vacation was amazing!  I was very lucky to go and to be able to see so many amazing things!  On our cruise we went to Boston, then Bar Harbor, Maine, and then onto Canada, where we saw some amazing things, one being Green Gables on Prince Edward Island!  Yes my inner nine year old girl shrieked and gasped and squealed upon going through Green Gables and seeing (gasp!) Anne Shirley's bedroom.  Mr. Love from Scratch didn't quite seem to share the same enthusiasm for a fictional character, but he was a good sport.

There were so many things that I loved about Canada and so many amazing things that I saw, but one of the things I loved the most was the architecture.  In most of the places we visited there were distinct British areas, and then distinct French areas, it was interesting to  see the influences of both counties and how both countries influence the culture.  I took so many photos of the sights we saw, but I was always drawn to the small residential streets, you know away from the tourists, where actual people live.  This photo was from a residential street that we walked down in Quebec City and I loved the decidedly French feel of that particular street.  Each little building was maintained, with flower boxes still blooming.  It really was completely charming. 

Quebec City was completely enchanting, it was a beautiful city and so many historical things to see, but one of the favorite things I saw was the farmers markets in the various ports.  As all of you know I love farmers markets, and Canada had some of the best I had ever seen.  I will have a whole post coming up soon with pictures and the details of that amazingness.

Mr. Love from Scratch is quite the walker when we travel, by this I mean we walk EVERYWHERE!  While my feet did ache and legs throbbed at times from all of the wear and tear they were subjected to, we did get to see some amazing hidden gems while walking.  Also I do have to say there are some very stylish ladies in Canada, it sure seems like people dressed up more to go about their daily business.  It has given me a new motivation to up my style quotient.  It seems that certain things strike me on vacations, each one inspires with me with new things I want to try in my day to day living at home.  This trip I was struck by of course the stylish people, but also their desires to make even the most simple things special, and to enjoy and savor life.

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Kim - Liv Life said...

A dose of the Post Vacation Blues... I SO get it!! I'm still suffering and my vacation was in August. Sounds like you had a fabulous cruise... we actually looked at a similar itinerary for next year. Not sure if we can make it happen, but we will try!
I'd be just as excited to see Anne's room!!!