Sunday, July 1, 2012

Suprises and Discoveries at Farmers Market!

Everyone loves a Farmers Market!  I especially love to see all of the produce and and local offerings.  Last week a friend of mine went to check out what was available.  We found a beautiful priduce stand that had all kinds of goodies, one particular treat was new to my friend, and that is the purple potato.  The purple potato is said to have originated in Peru, and is becoming more widely seen here in the states. 

I have had purple potatos on numerous occasions and I have to say I am a huge fan, I love them.   I love their creamy, buttery, rich consistency.  They almost taste decadent, plus they are purple, how cool is that?  they make for a stunning presentation.  Kids love them, its always fun to see something in an unexpected and fun color.

Right now these little beauties are being touted as "the new blood pressure medicine" and "loaded with antioxidants".  Numerous researchers and studies have found these to be practically superfoods and fighting cancer and heart disease.  Is all of this true?  Is it more than just hype?  I actually don't really know.  What I do know is that these are delicious addition to any recipe, I hope that all of these benefits are true because they are so good that any additional reason to eat them is only icing on the cake.  

I love to use these in my potato salad, they taste great, and make the salad look so festive for a holiday bbq.  These can be used in the most casual of settings, or dressed up to accompany the most elegant of entrees.  Experiment with these, see how they work for you!  I would love to see the creations you come up with!

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