Monday, January 9, 2012

A Few of my Favorite Things...a glimpse into who I am

Julie Andrews made popular the song, "A few of my favorite things" in The Sound of Music.  With the help of and I immortalized a few of my favorite things and products of 2011.  As you can see I have a wide assortment of things, and all of the products featured I actually do own and use routinely.

I don't want to bore you with the details on everything featured, so I will focus on some of the highlights that make me who I am.  While this is for 2011, it really does give you a clear insight into who I am every other year as well.

So as you can see I love shoes, featured are some of the new additions to my shoe collection of 2011.  I love shoes, they make an outfit pop, and they express my personality and they always fit, a woman can never have too many shoes.  I especially love high heels, but my Skechers Shape-Ups I love as well, best shoes to wear when your back is hurting and have a long day, I can't explain it, but the pain is always gone.

One of the kitchen essentials that I discovered this year is the OXO stainless steel can opener, now normally I would never rave over a can opener, but I LOVE this, I mean I really LOVE this product.  I discovered it actually at the end of 2011.  Mr Love From Scratch and I went to visit my parents for Thanksgiving.  When I was helping Mom in the kitchen, she had this and I knew I had to have it.  It is the easiest can opener to use, my mom says she is starting to get arthritis, I guess I am just weak, whatever the reason, opening can after can while making dinner can hurt, this is the smoothest can opener I have ever used, and didn't take hardly any effort.  I am now the proud owner of it and I love it.

Those who know me well are familiar with my penchant for cardigan sweaters.  I love cardigan sweaters and scarves and often have both on.  They always make me feel warm and cozy, and since I am often on the go I need to have layers for when temperatures change.  I also love pearls and wear my pearl strand all of the time, even in the kitchen with my aprons.

I also love my Clarisonic, yes I know its expensive, but really worth every penny.  I have extremely dry flaky skin and I can't even begin to express how much this helps my skin.  It works with whatever cleansers you choose to use it with, I personally like Elemis because it works for my  skin, but you certainly do whatever you want.

You can see my two favorite shows proudly displayed, I did discover a few more shows this year that I really like "The Chew" and "Worst Cooks in America", but these two are my never miss standbys.  You can see the kitchen items that I use all of the time, I love these items, I would be so lost without my pots and pans and KitchenAid Mixer, and I will admit, I love that it is pink.  You see my favorite lipstick and mascara which I adore, and my go to Jo Malone perfumes, I have the entire fragrance arc and I love the possibilities that I can create for individualized scents.  There really is a scent combo for every mood and occasion.

Two items on this picture are by far the most important to me, that would be The Book Of Mormon, and my wedding ring.  As you all know, this year I got married, and I love being married (tomorrow is my 2 month anniversary)  Mr. Love from Scratch is amazing, and I am so blessed to have him in my life.  I tend to keep a lot of my personal life private, but a huge part of who I am is in these two items, my family and my faith are everything to me.  Every year I read The Book of Mormon cover to cover, I love it, and it has a very special role in my life, if you want to know more  it is a book that has changed my life.  My faith and my family mean everything to me, so no collection of my favorite things would be complete with out these items represented.

What are some of your favorite things of 2011?  I would love to hear what you discovered last year.  I am also going to be making a collection of some of the things that I hope to discover and try in 2012.  Here is to a great new year!

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