Wednesday, November 30, 2011

What a month of excitement!

I know that I have been so bad at posting this month!  So much has been going on, I got married this month and it seems as though it has been nonstop activities.  So now I have a Mr. Love from Scratch, and I am as any newlywed bride trying to figure out how to keep him (and his stomach happy.)  As I have mentioned before, no mushrooms for him, we can now add to that no cooked spinach to the list(another thing that I love.)  But I am having so much fun exposing him to new flavor combinations and creating his meals.

Also I have been in the process of moving everything from my apartment into my new home, my poor husband, he must feel as though I am taking over the place.  There are boxes all over the place as I try to find a home for all of my things, but we are very happy in our cozy home.  Needless to say this November has been one of the busiest of my life, so I am scrambling to make sure I am ready for December which is always a busy month.  We are having a melding of traditions and trying to incorporate the traditions of both of our families into our own home.  The tree is up, my pink ornaments are still proudly displayed and the stockings laid out.

What traditions do you do in your families?  What things have you done for your "First Christmas?"  I want to make sure I make it a special one for him, any and all suggestions are appreciated.  So the next several months you will be hearing about all of my adventures in cooking as a newlywed and the adjustments we make together, wish us luck!

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