Wednesday, October 5, 2011

What I have been reading Wednesday,..The Red Hat Society Cookbook

It is time for "What I have been reading Wednesday."  I love my cookbooks, and now that I am working on organizing my apartment and getting it ready for the move I certainly am realizing how many I have.   I love my cookbooks, each one tells a different story and opens my eyes to a whole new culinary adventure.  I have always been passionate about books of any kind, but cookbooks are a particular favorite of mine.

As a child I used to read cookbook after cookbook and study the pictures and dream of making these creations myself.  I would daydream for hours and have visions or being grown up in my own kitchen dancing in my head.  I had my kitchen planned down to the last detail, I had everything picked out, and I love that my kitchen is a place where I still love to be, it is still and always will be the heart of the home.  I used to play with my grandmothers things, her gloves, and purses, all of her pretty things.  It made me feel so grown up and elegant, though I could never be as elegant as my grandmother was.  One of the things that I love most about the Red Hat Society is that they believe in living fabulously, and enjoying every minute of it, I try to do the same thing in my own life.

The Red Hat Society Cookbook, does not disappoint, it is full of recipes for fabulous living and fabulous entertaining, the wilted spinach salad, and the creme brulee french toast are some of my favorites, the shrimp etouffe is excellent too.  The recipes in the cookbook are all easy to follow and definitely good for a novice cook or experienced cook alike.  These are all familiar favorites that will evoke lots of memories, definitely try this one out!

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