Thursday, September 8, 2011

My Food Adventure....Korean Melon

I am always looking for new foods to try and new techniques to use in my cooking, so I was very excited to see these little beauties at the grocery store.  I had never seen these before, they are Korean melons they actually fit in the palm of my hand. Be warned though that these are very expensive melons for their size.

So after bringing home my melon I looked on google to see what they had to say about these melons.  Apparently you can eat it with or without the rind, so I actually decided to try it both ways.  Inside there are very small seeds that I scooped out, and a light yellow firm flesh.  It had an almost floral perfumey scent to it once it was cut open. 

It was sweet and juicy with a hint of a floral taste, I had it plain and then also with a honey vanilla custard sauce I had made and it was delicious both ways.  I definitely enjoyed it, but this will probably be a fruit reserved for special occasions and company.  If you do see it in your grocery store give it a try I think you will definitely enjoy it!

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