Wednesday, August 31, 2011

My Food Adventure

     Last weekend, I discovered that I am even more abnormal then I thought.  Brace yourselves ladies and gentlemen, I have never eaten SPAM, I had never really thought about it, my mother never fixed it growing up and it never really appealed to me to cook as a grown adult.  My fiancee couldn't believe I had never tried it, and several others felt that I had been missing out.  So the question remains, am I missing out?  I can't malign something I never tried, but in all honesty canned meat has always kinda grossed me out, and I have never been a big fan of processed food. 

  That aside, it is time for a new food adventure.  I am the proud owner of a can of SPAM, it was more expensive then I thought it would be.  Actually at my grocery store I could have gotten either a pound of chicken or a pound of ground beef for cheaper than my new can of SPAM.  I was very suprised to see how many people at the grocery store were buying SPAM, maybe its a hot commodity here, I have no idea.  I bought my SPAM and the rest of my groceries, and came home.  Now the big question is what do I do with it?  I have no idea how to cook it, so of course I googled SPAM recipes,  I did learn some very interesting facts about SPAM though, I was already familiar with the history of the product, but did you know that 3.8 cans of SPAM are consumed every second?  Neither did I, I guess that means I missed the whole SPAM movement.  Anyway, I saw lots of different recipes and I am just not sure what to fix with this can.  Do you have any favorite SPAM recipes?  Any ideas would be most appreciated!

     As I said I can't mailgn something I have never tried, but I don't forsee myself ever making this a staple in my diet, but I will be giving it a shot.  Tonight my dinner is SPAM, I will definitely let you know the results of my food adventure!

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