Wednesday, April 27, 2011

What I have been reading Wednesday- The Essential New York Times Cookbook

Product Details     I must first off apologize for my hiatus from the blog during the Holiday.  I hope that everyone had a nice time with family and friends.  I had a great weekend, with lots of amazing food as well, definitely gave me motivation to make sure I am hitting the gym.  The past couple weeks I have acquired several new cookbooks, and I am loving these.  This cookbook is one that I was skeptical of in the beginning.  Generally it has been my experience that whenever someone says "essential" it never is.  So I braced myself for disappointment with this cookbook.  I am pleased to say that the disappointment never came, this was an excellent cookbook.

This book is actually a compilation of the New York Times food column, highlighting articles and recipes all the way from the 1850s.  There are also anecdotes and stories with the recipes.  I loved this book it was almost a history book as well, I was able to see the evolution of food in this country over the past 150 years.  This really is a fascinating book, and it has some delicious recipes.  This is definitely a cookbook you will enjoy!

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