Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Its Tool Time....

     Being an only girl I have been completely spoiled in many ways, one way especially is when it comes to home repair.  Growing up anytime there was something wrong my dad & brothers fixed it.  Now as an adult I find myself having to fix things myself.  I can do the basics or home and automotive repair, but anything more advanced I have to admit causes trepidation.  I must say though as I learn to do some of these things it is very empowering.  There is definitely something to be said for being able to do things yourself.

     Some people tell me that I am a walking contradiction, that I tout the virtues of independence and self reliance, but still adhere to some pretty antiquated concepts in the realm of domesticity.  It is true, I won't deny the face that I want to be one of those "domestic do it all types".  Being in the kitchen in high heels, apron and pearls is completely me and I love it.  Some people find a kitchen and the home enslavement and oppressing.  To me being able to master the kitchen and organize the home is beyond liberating.

     This tool set was one of my gifts this year for Christmas.  I seriously love it, and it is getting so much use, plus who doesn't love something that is pink?  I have seen a few ideas of what I want to redecorate my home so I can definitely see these tools getting a lot of use.  What do you to do give your home a new look?

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briarrose said...

Cutest tool set ever! :)