Monday, March 28, 2011

Food Dislikes...Top 5 Disliked Foods

     I like to think of myself as easy-going and low maintenance.  I am pretty easy to please, there are very few things that I just will not eat, but when I say I will not eat those things I mean it.  It is not even that these are odd and horrible foods, actually for a lot of people they are their favorite foods, but for me they are the top five do not touch foods.  I am frequently asked if there are foods that I don't eat, or steer clear of, so let me share the with you.

1) Ham
2) Packaged Macaroni and Cheese
3) Jello
4) Ranch Dressing
5) Mayonnaise

     Yeah, I know, it is a weird list.  I have set reasons for every single one of those things to be on my list, a lot of this has to do with my upbringing.  My mother is amazing, she always cooked fresh meals for us so I never really had macaroni and cheese growing up, and as an adult I don't find it terribly exciting.  I do have a recipe for homemade mac & cheese that is pretty amazing.  Jello, well they always feed jello to sick people, and as someone who has had to spend some time in the hospital Jello does not bring back good memories.  Ranch dressing and mayonnaise is just gross to me, I never acquired the taste for it.  Lastly ham is as well something I never acquired a taste for.

     Everyone has things that they choose to avoid,  I do encourage people to explore food, see what they do and don't like.  There are so many different fruits and vegetables, try them out see what you like, which ones can become mainstays in your diet.  I am lucky that I love fruits and veggies, but experimenting with all of them has helped me to keep my diet exciting.  Make food exciting, make food an experience.

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Merut said...

I don't get the allure of jell-o either. It seems like some nasty thing old ladies make and they put a lot of "floaters" in it. Ick. I've known some people who don't like any condiments. I have two big no-nos: onions and crustaceans. Shivers run down my spine just thinking about it.