Wednesday, February 23, 2011

What I have been reading Wednesday...Bake me I am Yours

     I have been loving these books, they are all part of the Bake Me I am Yours.... series.   I am blown away at the talent that some of the designers have when it comes to cupcake & cookie decorating.  They say that the most important traits to have with decorating is a steady hand and patience. 

     The books are well written and the directions are clear to follow, I am going to start practicing so I can build up my skills and be able to so an artisan cupcake myself.  I must say my cupcakes always taste amazing, they just aren't that fancy.  ake decorating hasn't ever been something I have loved, I love to make cakes and cupcakes, but sometimes I lack the patience for complex decorations.  There are so many things that I want to learn in the realm of cooking and foods.  I feel that there is a lot to learn to take me to the next level.  You know, the level where people want to follow your cooking and learn from you.  The level where people want your "secret recipes".  It will happen eventually, I know it will.  Right now I am practicing over and over trying to master technique and fine tune things, cooking and baking is a process and you never really do stop learning..  What secrets do you have when it come to cooking?  One recipe at a time I will get there.

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