Monday, January 3, 2011

What Genius Idea!

     As I have mentioned, 2011 will be the year for me to get back into tip top shape.  Last year I had to have some medications that didn't exactly benefit my waistline.  This year I am turning this around, and I have decided I am going to start tomorrow, January 4th 2011.  I will take all of my measurements and eight etc. and start then.  Why tomorrow you ask?  It is because tomorrow is the beginning of The Biggest Loser for this season.  I have decided that I am going to lose weight along with the TV show.  My goal is to hit my goal size by the season finale.

     I have always been a relatively petite girl.  I am only 5 feet tall, which has it advantages and disadvantages.  A big disadvantage is that even gaining 10 pounds makes me look significantly heavier just because I am  smaller to begin with.  On the plus side, losing 10 pounds looks like you lost a lot more than that.  I try to be realistic in my goals.  I don't want to be a zero or a sub zero.  I get cranky if I feel deprived so a crash diet is just not for me.  I am trying to focus on a lifestyle change not a diet, and focusing on portion control and moderation, and exercising of course. 

     Diet magazines and books have always intrigued me, I would love to hear tips from others.  What diet tricks do you  have?  How do you stay in shape?

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