Wednesday, December 22, 2010

What I have been reading Wednesday, and what I might be reading soon...

julia-child-the-way-to-cook     So what if I am obsessed?  Is there really a problem with it?  There are so many worse vices to have.  A cookbook obsession can not be that bad can it?  I love my cookbooks, this is one of my favorites.  Julia Child has such a gift as a teacher.  I am so impressed that she can teach so effectively both in video and in print.  Indeed she was a great lady and a master chef, no doubt about that.  I love this book because it focuses on the proper technique in your cooking.  How to cut correctly, the proper ways to do so many things.   Julia firmly believed that the technique was crucial to the outcome, Julia was right.  No only is the outcome so much better with the correct technique, it also ends up being easier.  But remember, practice does make perfect.  This book would be great for not only the beginner cook, it is also great for those of us that have been cooking awhile but lack in technique or finesse with our cooking.  There are great recipes in there of course, and if you have not ever read a Julia Child cookbook you are in for a treat.  She is a master at documenting and explaining step by step what needs to be done, and why.  I love that she always explains why, things always make sense with her. You dry meat with paper towels so it will brown correctly.  All sorts of little things that make a huge difference.  This is a book that I am trying to implement into my cooking and benefit from the lessons therein

So here is the new cookbook I want.  I realize I do not need another cookbook, or do I?   Silly question, I know!  Of course I need a new cookbook, one can never have too many, just remember that mantra!  This book my sister in law pretty much swears by.  She is an absolutely amazing
cook and seems to be able to do anything effortlessly, ( I am not jealous, really I am not.  Well maybe just a bit.) 

     Anyway she got this book last year from my mother actually and has been having a lot of success with it.  I actually do not eat much bread and the reason is that I hate store bought bread, but I do love fresh from the oven homemade bread.  Yum!  So I make bread pretty often, however I am still learning the tricks of the trade and different varieties of bread.  There really is an art to bread making.  I am very curious to see if this book will help me improve.  I am looking forward to all the experimenting to come.

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