Wednesday, December 15, 2010

TV Shows

     I don't watch too much TV usually, but I do have a few TV shows that I follow.  One is The Biggest Loser, there is something so inspiring about watching people change their lives, and overcoming their demons.  I would love to have the opportunity to cook with Curtis Stone, or workout with Jillian or Bob, but I am too little to be on The Biggest Loser, so I use their DVDs at home, which I must admit are pretty good.  You definitely get a good workout from it. 

     Last night was the finale, I love to see how far people have come,  some of the transformations were much greater than I expected.  I usually end up saying that every season though.  It is the one show that I have watched consecutively every single season with out fail.  Definitely   something to include yourself.  Another one of my favorite shows is Hell's Kitchen.  Which tonight is the grand finale for that show.  I watch the challenges and think, what would I make?  How would I do in this type of challenge?  Also I see several dishes that I end up trying myself.  The two channels that are usually on in my apartment are either the Cooking Channel, or Food Network.  I could watch those for hours, so I have to be disciplined and usually only watch if I am doing a chore like folding the laundry or ironing, or working on another quilt.

What shows do you enjoy?  What shows inspire you?  Some show inspire, some entertain, and some just make you shake your head.

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