Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Projects, Projects, Projects

     I am always going to be one of those people that has a million projects going on at the same time.  growing up my mother always told me to not start another project until I finished the one I had already started.  I wish I could say I followed that advice, but it just doesn't seem to work for me.  I have to always have a few different projects and I go from project to project as it suits me.  However I sat down to make a list of everything that needs to get done and it is getting a little overwhelming.  I definitely need to get better at this.

     Here are some of the projects on my to do list.  I think you will agree that I have a lot to get done!

1) Clean and organize guest room
2) Organize kitchen and pantry
3) Clean sewing table & organize fabrics
4) Condense scrapbooking area
5) Finish sampler quilt for mom
6) Finish baby quilt
7) Finish wall hanging for my bedroom
8) Work on quilt for my bedroom
9) Organize and categorize books & shelves.

The list could go on and on, but right now these are the biggest focuses for me.   I need to stay on top of things and keep things in order, my mother was always so good at that, I am still learning.  I am going to work on this list one by one till I get it all take care of.

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