Thursday, December 16, 2010

Oh the decadence.......

     I love oysters, I love their taste and their consistency  I wish I could have them more often than I do, but that just is not in the budget.  I figure it is better this way, since now they are an indulgence or for special occasions.  There are so many different ways to eat oysters and so many different recipes.  I always eat mine the exact same way every single time.  I always splash a little lime and Tabasco on them and enjoy.  So good, so amazing!  I remember my first experience seeing an actual oyster.  It was my twelfth birthday and I was at the state fair with my family.  There was a booth that you could buy a pearl oyster and get have the pearl that was inside.  My oldest brother bought my very first oyster and my very first pearl that day.  That experience began my love of both.  The pearl was carefully cleaned and turned into a beautiful pearl pendant.  Whenever I see oysters or pearls I think of that twelve year old girl having the time of her life with her big brother.

     The reason why I share this story is because food is not just about eating.  There are so many memories that are associated with food.  So many people remember what they ate on their first date, or what their mom's cookies smell like.  It really becomes a part of us.  I have so many distinct memories with food, some sad, some silly, and so many memories of happy times.  One memory that I always think of when I go grocery shopping is that of growing up with my family.  Every Saturday night my Dad would go to the grocery store.  It was a release for him after a long week at a stressful job.  Now my mother was extremely practical with what she bought at the grocery store.  She is an amazing cook, and fed us very well, but that being said, she didn't get some of the more random or exotic things that my Father would.

     If there was ever anything in our home that ever even remotely could be considered junk food, us kids knew that Dad had to have brought that in, cause mom would have never done that.  Together they exposed us to so many things.  I remember as a little girl sitting at the table and my dad teaching me how to eat an artichoke.  I must have been overly anxious to try it so I wasn't listening and learned that those artichokes can bite back if you aren't careful.  The kitchen really is the heart of the home, I always felt love and safety there, and I am so grateful that my parents always made my brothers and I the center of their lives.  What memories do you all have of food?

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