Thursday, December 2, 2010

It's an Apron Addiction........

DII Red and White Polka Dot Hostess Apron

     It is a complete addiction I know!  I adore aprons, I have tons of them, I know I have way more than any person really needs, but really can you ever have too many aprons?  I don't think that you can.  Whenever I am in the kitchen I am wearing an apron, whenever I am cleaning or doing the laundry you will find me with an apron on.  Besides from looking pretty darn cute if I do say so myself, aprons are super practical. I have lace aprons, silly aprons, dressy aprons, aprons for every occasion.

     My mother always wore an apron in the kitchen, actually she still does.  I just grew up thinking that was what you wore if you were hard at work in the kitchen or cleaning.  I was very pleased to see how popular aprons have become the past few years, I know that will probably be a passing trend for everyone else, but for me a apron just always makes sense.

     Recently on one of my shopping adventures I was able to find a vintage apron pattern that I adore, I am planning on picking out the fabric and trimmings sometime soon so I can create the perfect apron for myself.  There is something so satisfying about sewing and creating something just right for yourself, or for someone else for that matter. Any ideas on what fabric I should use for my new aprons?  Do you use aprons at home?

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